With the design of each new product Ronin integrate proven manufacturing process derived from over 30 years of experience in the development of rescue hoists and winches for helicopter applications. Ronin products are designed to keep you safe, reduce climber fatigue, and to prolong your enjoyment of the climbing experience over your lifetime. No matter what you are climbing, Ronin products make reaching new heights safer and easier.

At maximum load, it accelerates from zero to full speed of a maximum of 27.4 m/min in just 1.2 seconds, and then maintains a steady speed as long as the battery has sufficient power.
The motor is extremely powerful and you don't notice any difference depending on the load.
The Ronin Lift has been manufactured and certified for 181 kg working load. By using a pulley, this load can be multiplied. 3-fold pulley = triple load = 543 kg.
An electronic protection circuit allows the device to stop if the load is exceeded.

For abseiling, the automatic stop function is cancelled by pressing the brake lever and, as with any descender, you abseil by means of gravity. Thus, no battery capacity is required for abseiling. At the same time, abseiling is always guaranteed, even with an empty battery. By the way, the battery can be replaced at any time, even if the device is on the rope.
By operating the brake lever, the reverse function of the motor is switched at the same time. By fixing the brake lever, you can let the winch go down empty via the remote control.

How is the rope inserted in detail?
You insert one end of the rope, operate the thumbwheel and the motor automatically guides the rope out through the device to the rope outlet opening. Now only the rope tension on the tension screw has to be adjusted. This solution significantly reduces wear. Dirty ropes (sand, soil, concrete dust) do not wear out the axle of the Ronin lift to the same extent as on a wheel of an external rope grab system. This saves you considerable costs for service and wear parts.

You don't need to buy a special rope for the Ronin lift. A Ronin lift can work with different types of EN1891 semi-static core-sheath ropes with diameters between 10 mm and 13 mm. Most likely, you will be able to use the ones you already have. But not all ropes have a good service life.
That is why Ronin has subjected various ropes to a special test procedure. If the ropes pass a certain minimum number of test cycles, these ropes will be published on a list of ropes recommended by Ronin. The list is constantly expanding.. We recommend using a rope that is on this List [72 KB] .

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