Ronin Lift Kit

Part # 2805-11APWR

This powerful tool has revolutionized workplace safety and injury prevention by reducing physical strain and fatigue during rope work. The battery-powered Ronin Lift is an affordable rope winch that makes work easier for any worker at height.

The winch is lightweight (10.3 kg) comfortable, fast and easy to use. Ronin Lift provides controlled acceleration via a thumbwheel that variably adjusts speed - up to the maximum safe working load of 181 kg.

Ronin Lift is designed to move heavy loads and people in difficult environments to get necessary jobs done. The winch can be used for lifting, pulling or moving on a diagonally tensioned rope. The versatility of the Ronin Lift also allows it to be used with pulleys, which means it can hold up to 544 kg of load with a 3:1 ratio. Both anchor points of the Ronin Lift offer a breaking load of 2268 kg for safe working.

products contents

• 1 Ronin Ascender with Reverse Function and Anti-Panic Handle
• 1 Wireless Remote
• 1 Bollards at rope inlet and outlet opening
• 1 Li-Ion Battery
• 1 Charger 220 Volt
• 1 Hard Case
• 1 Rope Brush
• 1 Rubber Motor Protector
• 1 Clamping rubber band for fixing the brake lever in the reverse function
• 1 Pefect Burn Kit

  • specifications
Category: Battery Powered Rope Ascender
Length (L): 28,8 cm
Width (W): 39,1 cm
Height (H): 33,9 cm
Weight: 10,3 kg
Construction: Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Bronze
Finish: Powder Coat Black
Operating Temperature Range: -4°F - 120°F (-20°C to +49°C)
Ingress Protection (IP): IP54
Battery Type: 28 VDC Lithium Ion Rechargeable
Battery Capacity: 3.5 min. non-stop with 181 kg load (107 m rope)
7.0 min. non-stop with 90 kg load (213 m rope)
Battery Re-Charge Time: ~ 2.5 hours
Rope Type: 10 - 13 mm Kernmantle Static Rope EN 1891
Rope Loading: End Feed
Ascent Speed: Variable (0.15 to 0.46 m/sec.)
Descent Method: Gravity Feed with manual brake
Descent Speed: 1.07 m/sec. with a maximum load of 181 kg
Climbing method: single rope
Secondary Safety: Secondary Lock Out Feature (Hands Free)
Max Working Load: 181 kg
Product Certifications: CE and ANSI
Reverse Functionality: For Angled Ascents, winching applications, removing rope from the system

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